Monday, October 5, 2009


Can I crochet a blanket in 10 days, in time for a picnic? All signs point to impossible - yet I remain hopelessly optimistic!


David said...

YOU CAN DO IT! :D Go go go granny squares! I've been making something for a friends birthday that will make you flip out - I'll show you some pictures soooon :)

Nathan,Bridget, Alaska,&Aquilla UPTON-GILL said...

Look M, throw aside your mother's curse of the "LITTLE STITCHES", button down the hatches, cancel the soccer game and just,well, do it!

On the other hand, Quality Control have advised me that we mustn't rush this - you are in the land of perfection.

Be proud of your heritage, and boldly turn out at the picnic with your 23 and a third squares of woollenness.

Tell Gareth to put a GOLDEN CAN on ice ready for a visit.... chance wud be a fine thing!