Sunday, September 27, 2009

Welcome to the neighbourhood

It's about time we introduced you to sweet Izumi...

This is our street.

We are fond of it.

The surrounding apartments are no more than 2 or 3 storeys high and there are some immaculate gardens, with perfectly trimmed bobbly trees. Not to mention the cats on leashes, snake roadkill, giant spiders, green frogs, neatly parked bicycles and friendly neighbours.

At one end there is a large pond filled with lillypads and at the other end a nice copse of trees, a scattering of rice fields and other farm-like happenings.

And it's only a 10min walk to the shops and the station!


ceerose said...

wow, it's such a weird combination of industrial looking and green spaces.

Gareth said...

It's not very industrial here, really. It's quite suburban -- it's just that the housing is way more condensed than in NZ.

No one has much of a garden here. Houses and small apartment blocks are all lined up side by side with very little room in between, whereas in NZ there would be the classic quarter-acre sections.