Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dreaming on a crater rim

We have just returned from a weekend wander around the volcanic hills of Banks Peninsula.
A belated honeymoon - and generous gift from Gareth's family; we slept in a valley under a tin roof and shooting stars; dined fancifully and deliciously in Akaroa township; watched baby pukeko stretch their legs; and feasted on many a picnic in a chorus of birds and cicadas.

Apparently this year heaps of cicadas emerged en masse - they were deafening, and so drunk on sunshine and life they happily bumbled into our heads.

The two photos below were taken on the Hinewai Reserve which we discovered as we took the scenic drive home. The reserve is 1230 hectares of gorse (I learnt all about it's positive attributes - native seedlings thrive in its shadow, don't ya know) and regenerating native bush. It includes 20 walking tracks open to the public and a great hut for overnight stays. Such a marvellous place.


Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm a Little Blue without you.

On this fair and fine Valentine's Day I would like to introduce this guy!

 The Little Blue Penguin (Korora, or if you're Australiain - Fairy Penguin) is the smallest species of penguin, growing to the adorable size of 33 centimetres.

This wee card is perfect if you are missing someone.
Has your best buddy just moved to Timbuktu? Has your favourite flatmate moved out? Does your mum live in Saudi Arabia? (hi ma! Happy Valentine's Day!)

Buy the card in my etsy shop or if you live in Christchurch come along to the Celebrate Sunday Market every week at the corner of Cashel and High St.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Seven months have passed since I last called in. But oh what a few months they have been.
I went to Europe, I saw a double rainbow, befriended a family of ducks, had a wedding, went to the beach, made some more cards and grew many flowers.