Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy crap, a huge toad!

So apparently I'm now on a quest to hold every amphibious life form in Japan.

This little giant was hanging out in the middle of the road near our apartment when Mirabel spotted him. We took a couple of photos, then watched in horror as a car emerged out of a driveway and sped straight over the top of him.

Luckily there was no wheel-toad contact, but despite his brush with death, the guy wasn't budging, and we became concerned for his ongoing well-being. So I took it upon myself to relocate him, which unfortunately meant picking him up, since a nudge with the toe of my shoe wasn't cutting it in terms of his motivation.

Toads are gross! Totally warty, cold, slimy and squishy. He looks about as unimpressed as me though. Still, Mirabel and I were heartened upon our return a few hours later to find no traces of "toadkill", so I guess mission accomplished.


ceerose said...

ewww haha. love the post :)

thank god he didn't look like this:


Darlene Brown said...

That's very kind of you both - I wouldn't expect anything less actually. It's funny how the wildlife here doesn't give a crap about humans. This cricket landed on my book and refused to move when I waved my hand at it. And I think the spiders are going to leap at me any minute.

Gareth said...

Oh no! Update: this morning a beautiful big toad was lying belly-up on the road just down the street. He was speckled and green and not the same toad that I rescued, but why couldn't I have been there for this one?! WHY?!