Saturday, October 10, 2009

autmn clear

Last week we invited some friends over for pancakes which meant tidy-up time. Happily we can now show you some photos of our briefly spotless apartment.

This is our tiny kitchen, built for one short person.
Gareth smacks his head on the extractor fan above the one gas element weekly.

Take two steps forward and you are in the living room/bedroom. Built for one but cosy for two.

The photo below was taken from the ladder leading up to our loft, which is a romantic name for storage space. Still fun though! If someone comes to visit there is definitely room for a futon.

The weather is getting a bit nippy now so the farmers around us have been harvesting their crops and now the fields lie bare.

Halloween is apparently big in Japan. We appreciate being in the right hemisphere when harvesting is going on and giant pumpkins are in season. The shops are glorious in decorations, and the lollies - oh the lollies.

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