Sunday, January 30, 2011

A winter's night and day

Last night it snowed and snowed, and we tiptoed outside at midnight to build a snowman.

We named him Yuki.

The next day we went for a wander around the neighbourhood, crunching through the crisp, white snow underfoot. Yuki was still looking a picture of health.

The rice fields were blanketed.

Monday, January 24, 2011

much love winter monday

Making up hearts as I go along, with Larksfoot crochet pattern.

Taking part in Much Love Monday

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weird fuds

Here are some weird foods that I bought from the supermarket one day.

This here is a pizza-flavoured instant noodle box -- with mayonaise. It had tiny little instant meatballs in it (just add water!) and did actually taste fairly pizza-ish. Mayo is a typical pizza topping here, so that explains that, but I did feel slightly queasy because of it, I think. 6/10.

Next are some good old corn snacks. These ones are flavoured like Japanese fast food favourite takoyaki, ie. octopus batter balls. I actually like takoyaki a lot, so these were pretty tasty. 7/10.

Next on the list is one for the Metal Gear Solid fans: Calorie Mate! Yes, in Japan you too can dine on the special ration of choice of tactical espionage action hero Solid Snake!

The verdict: extremely dry shortbread consistency and general fruit taste. 7/10. Snaaaaaaaake!

And to wash it down, Calpis. But not just any Calpis; The Premium Calpis. I like Calpis Soda best -- it's kind of like creaming soda -- so I was intrigued when I spotted the premium version. Premium Calpis, however, is thick and milky and tastes a bit like sharpish yoghurt.

Kinda gross. 2/10.

Bonus vending machine entry! Hotcake drink! Actually tasted like caramel milk; not as gross as the buttery image on the can would suggest. 5/10.

Friday, January 14, 2011

to market to market

I went to a flea-market with Sarah and Kumi. I sold two flying horses.

Advent Calendar mayhem!

So I wasn't very good at scanning the pictures for Gareths advent calendar on time, but I was doing the drawings.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

forgotten Yamadera

A long time ago, back before Christmas and the New Year, all the way back to November I took a train ride with 3 pals to Yamadera. Yama means mountain, and dera means temple. I was going to see a temple on a mountain!

We managed to catch a glimpse of the autumn leaves before they completely disappeared for the year. The area is famous for its cherry blossoms so I hope to come back in spring.

A beautiful soba shop we ate in after walking back down the mountain.

Wishes written on gold and white paper, tied to branches, dotted the path all the way to the top.

The 1000 step path. Beautiful, meandering and not at all strenuous.
Half-way up there was a sweet garden tended to by hard-working, sure-footed monks.

The view from the top.

By the time we got down the sun was setting and everything was the most wonderful shade of pink.