Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Another festival, another tasty creature barbecued on a stick. This time, a fish, whole!

Delicious! (Did not eat the face.)

This was at the Miyagi Produce Festival, which was a festival in name but basically just a glorified farmers' market. We got some sweet deals on a few vegetables, which are generally pretty expensive in the supermarket, so it was worthwhile. The festival also promised a dairy section, which was temporarily exciting, however the only cheeses on offer were the same processed slices you get at the supermarket, and camembert. For some reason camembert is really popular in Japan while other cheeses are shunned completely. Weird, right?


Brett said...

looks kinda like a sardine?
i could get into whole barbequed fish on sticks.

ceerose said...

how'd you deal with tail, fins and bones?

Gareth said...

The tail and fins go all delicious and crispy (ie. you eat 'em). The bones are edible too.

ceerose said...

aah i see.

the last photo should be your new facebook pic!

Darlene Brown said...

And how about the guts?

Gareth said...

Oh, guts removed!