Friday, October 30, 2009


A couple of weekends ago Gareth and I went on a bike ride to nearby Izumi Park Town to investigate the ubiquitous outlet mall, and with the small hope of discovering a Finnish Cafe we had seen advertised on television.

Oh so happy!
Not only did we find the cafe, but we stumbled upon a small (yet mighty) Moomin display!
There was a large variety of moomin wares for sale, including imported Finnish biscuit cutters, cake tin and Hattifattener tongs (now all safely in my possession). Numerous small and large model moomins everywhere -- and a delightful moominhouse with hiding creatures. Look how delighted Gareth is.

There were moomin biscuits, lollies and even sugar cubes. sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet
And as the Japanese never miss a photo opportunity -- a large painted backdrop with 3D Snufkin, Moomin and My. Chiizu!

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