Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toki Time!

We just had the best holiday guys.

Taking advantage of a four day weekend, we took some buses and a ferry over to Sado Island off the west coast of Japan to read books and get some sea air.

We stayed at the Green Village Hostel in Niibo which was a joy. The owner, Chikako (Oba-chan), was super kind and fed us delicious dinners and breakfasts. She decided to give us and the only other guest there (a Japanese girl studying the Japanese Crested Ibis) a personal tour of the island. So for two full days we were whisked from one tourist attraction to the next. We wouldn't have seen half the things we did without her - ありがとう ちかこさん!

We are going to have to break this trip up into at least four posts as we took nearly 400 photos, went to three museums, sailed in two boats, saw two temples, watched birds, walked on beaches and frolicked in fields.

So without further ado let us begin with a tour of the neighbourhood.

Day 1 breakfast. New Zealand could do with more food trays in adorable colours.

Gareth and the Japanese Crested Ibis - Toki

Window peeping

Toki lamp-post

Buying a cute knitted thing shaped like a fish from a tiny shop with a ferocious small dog.

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Celia said...

When you come back to nz you must check out my new workplace (toi toi at chch airport) we have food trays <3 and many other pretty things