Monday, July 4, 2011

Senkaku-wan bay, baby

The owner of the hostel on Sado Island asked us when we arrived if we had a schedule planned. "No," said we, and so she decided then and there that she would take us out in her car to see the sights the next day. We didn't seem to have much say in the matter but it worked out quite well indeed, as we managed to see everything we had read about in the Lonely Planet and then some.

One wonderful stop was Senkaku-wan Bay, a place of amazing rock formations and crystal clear water, where we took a spin in a glass-bottom boat.

The tour encouraged the peculiar Japanese pastime of feeding shrimp crisps to seagulls out the windows of moving boats. I was more interested in trying to spot flourescent jellyfish under the surface.

The other guest Kumiko, our hostess Chikako and some guy with a beard.

There were armies of these little guys running around the waterline - funamushi. They scattered as you walked at them like the little soot creatures in Totoro.

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