Friday, June 3, 2011


After the wedding business was all wrapped up we spent a day wandering around Yokohama.

We were quite smitten. Wide streets, shiny buildings, Chinatown and trees.

I fell in love with all the Chinese junk shops. I restrained myself to just a pot holder and a lantern.

Blindly taking photos with a wavering hand above the crowds. Ridiculous results.

Animal shaped steamed buns - oh yes.

I ate a green panda with matcha goo in the middle and Gareth got a delightful-looking but disappointingly gelatinous pork pig bun. (Fact: pigs say "boo boo" not "oink" in Japan. What do ghosts say then??)

We also spotted this advertisement. What better way to show your dislike of guns by having adorable otters smashing them on their bellies.

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