Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tokyo sakura

Today is April 17th, we are over a month and a half into spring and its snowing outside.
We have yet to experience hanami (traditional blossom viewing custom) in Sendai, however we did get to enjoy it in Tokyo a couple of weekends ago (♥o♥)

Our hotel was in the suburb of Naka-itabashi which happened to be close to a relatively people free, blossom lined canal. Here are some photos starting with this awesome "pigeon in flight in blossom"...

Look at the fluffy dog teehee

Then, advised by our lovely friend Sasayu and the helpful lady at Hello Sandwich we went to Naka-meguro to view more blossoms.

Naka-meguro was so lovely! Next to the canal were windy streets dotted with vintage clothes and curios shops (I spent far too much money), handmade designy shops, delicious smelling and looking cafes and a swoonful florist shop.

We went to a sneaky secret cafe (also recommended by Hello Sandwich - keep your eyes peeled for her Tokyo Guide available soon!!) called Aoya. It was so busy they sold out of everything but one dish! But that was ok - because the dish was delicious! A hot spicy curryish thing (we didn't quite know what we were getting). But we certainly knew what we wanted for dessert.

Mochi, matcha ice-cream, azuki beans and fruit!

Oh and while in Naka-itabashi we went to a delightful cafe next to the station called Pan & Cafe Needs. It was teeny - only three seats! But the food was scrumptious - almond bagels, blueberry bagels, salmon and cream cheese bagels and oh the pastries!

We ate the closest thing we could find to a hot cross bun, chocolatey with a lump of cream cheese - but it definitely had a cross.

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