Thursday, April 22, 2010

Miyagi and Sendai ALT Show

The ALT's of Sendai and Miyagi have an annual art and culture show. This year the theme was Colo(u)rs.
Gareth and I took part.

Our work was a drawing called Colour Me Tender - a mixture of things we have seen and dreamed in Japan. And to help keep the yoU in colour visitors to the show coloured it in! Hurrah!

We also played backing band for our friend Mina and her fellow tin whistler in crime. We were Mina O' Greb and the Impostors (Mina had the only bit of Irish ancestry between us)

Gareth and I also ran a Swing Dancing for Beginners workshop which was jolly good fun! We will put photos up when we get hold of some.

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