Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hanami hoedown

So thus far in 2010 spring has yielded approximately 1.7 days of nice weather, and it just so happened that on the one full day where the sun came out and the air was warm, we had planned to go to our swing dancing friend Nammy's hanami party in Tsutsujigaoka park.

Hanami literally means "flower viewing", and it's a yearly tradition that takes place every spring, around when the blossoms come out. People take a picnic lunch, head to a good viewing spot, sit under some trees and eat and drink for several hours. And they take a lot of pictures.

It can get pretty busy!

So we sat with our friends and talked and ate delicious food and drank sparkling wine. Mirabel made ANZAC biscuits, which turned out nicely (it was the 25th, after all). And we danced a little swing in the park on a nice day.

Of course, people also brought their ridiculous, tiny dogs, and put jackets on them for the occasion.

Here I am getting well into the spirit of hanami with a conbini-bought can of beer, standing under a pretty tree. This is what it is all about.

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