Sunday, June 17, 2012

wheeeeeeee Japan in 2 days!

Kim and Linda (the other two ladies organising this extravaganza) left for Japan yesterday.
Ignoring such pressing matters as preparing a presentation, washing clothes and doing the dishes, I decided to make them a handy dandy dictionary to help them in their first few days in Tokyo.

As Gareth is the only thing I can competantly draw from memory his face features on nearly every page.


Nippon wa ii desu ne!


Greg Harbin said...

I love it! You should scan this in and offer it as a PDF.

Mirabel said...

Hey thanks Greg!
Maybe I will!


so cute and thoughtful!

Alicia Ivatts said...

haha, this is brilliant!

handmade romance said...

ridiculously awesome! i love this : )