Sunday, February 26, 2012

A cold little sunday

Today is grey and cold.

Today is trying to make me curl up in a blanket and be cosy and do nothing useful.

Today I am not falling for it.

I am wearing yellow on yellow on peach.
Harnessing the power of summery fruits so this day does not collapse into a ball.

I have bought paint to re-do the chipped window sills.
I have started clearing out my craft room for its new lick of paint.
I have bought ingredients for my flatmate's birthday cake I'm making tomorrow.
And bought him his very own cake tin.

And then I made some lemon curd - sunshine gold in a jar.
I used this recipe from tinyhappy and it worked out just perfectly.

Now that I have been productive I shall sit down and eat lemon curd with a spoon.

1 comment:

two squirrels said...

yay for happy colours on a very grey day.
The kitten who flew to Wellington are pure loveliness!!!!
Love to you sweet.