Thursday, March 17, 2011

We are okay!

Mirabel and I are okay. Our area of Sendai was not badly damaged by the earthquake, and we are in no immediate danger. Please don't worry!


Rose H (UK) said...

Just 'found' your comment left on tales of a Junkaholic. I am pleased that you are well, and would like to send by best wishes to all the people who have been so badly affected by the devastation. I have made a donation and I hope it will help in some small way.
Ki o tsuke nasai.

Rose H

two squirrels said...

Hey sweetpeas are you coming home!!!!!
Please please come home!!!!
Love to you
Vanessa & Warren

Mirabel said...

Thanks so much Rose!

Mirabel said...

Not coming home yet guys. We are safe in Osaka for the time being. We are keeping in good contact with the NZ Embassy - if we need to leave Japan they will let us know. lots of love!!