Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meri Kurisumasu ... everyone!

In the weeks leading up to Christmas Sendai put on a spectacular light display known as "The Pageant of Starlight". Lights are strung up on the trees lining one of the main streets Jozenji-dori. Gareth and I spent a lovely snowy evening trotting up and down it. It was beautiful!
And street vendors dotted the footpath, filling the air with the sweet smell of roasted kumara. Yummers.

All sorts of folk were out and about being festive...

Including a delightful Father Christmas all the way from Finland - can you see where his real beard ends and the extension begins?

And then there was this guy, toting his pup around in a pram with its own sound-system and flashing lights.

And then it was Christmas Day! Hoorah!
We slept in, ate pancakes, opened lots of lovely presents and talked to dear families.
Our friend Joel came round for lunch, bringing some fresh pipis he found at the beach earlier that morning. Gareth was brave enough to try one but I didn't fancy it, no sir.

Joel also brought round a sampling of the traditional Japanese Christmas meal -- KFC.... What can I say, it was KFC.

We spent the afternoon giddily running around Don Quixote -- a giant Warehouse/$2 Shop monster. A bizarro place that sells everything, with good bargains on onesies, fireworks, giant hunks of meat and fluffy earmuffs.
Dinner consisted of cooking up everything in our fridge, as we were going away for two weeks on Boxing Day. AND THEN two hours of Christmas karaoke, including such popular hits as The Christmas Song, Santa Baby and even The Snowman.
Free tiramasu and After Dinner Mints finished the day nicely.


Sophia said...

Did you and Gareth sing 'Baby It's Cold Outside' together?

mirabel said...

Unfortunately it wasn't on the play list! We totes looked for it though