Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Real Final Fantasy elixir! Which you can drink! I bought some!

Appearance: nice, shiny can, kind of a pearly colour, with your typical Final Fantasy heroine gazing wistfully into the distance. The elixir itself is just clear and bubbly though. I was anticipating something green or purple; a little more magical, maybe with sparks flying off it or mystical smoke overflowing from the glass. No such luck though: elixir looks pretty boring!

And it tastes like... lemonade. Sprite or its equivalent. A little disappointing, although not as disappointing as it may sound, as Japan, strangely, doesn't usually have plain lemonade. They have this "cider" stuff, which contains absolutely no apples and kind of tastes like a bubblegum-lemonade mix stuff.

On the plus side, my HP and MP were fully restored, meaning I was able to go out and fight enough random encounters to go up two levels. My strength, magic and evasion attributes went up by several points, and one enemy dropped some mythril gloves. Great! Da da da daaah daah daah da da daaaah!

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Darlene Brown said...

YUSSS you found Sprite!!!