Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tokyo adventure day three

Day three began with us avoiding the highly efficient and incredibly handy train system that had served us so well over the previous two days in favour of sauntering around the Shinjuku area a little on foot. The little alley above was in Akebonobashi, where we were staying. We were hungry for breakfast, and had our first bagels in months at a cute little cafe down there and around a corner a bit.

After breakfast we stumbled upon a little fair of some sort with loads of stalls leading to a shrine. So pretty and colourful.

Later we wandered around a very cool place called Shimokitazawa, which is a great collection of vintage clothing stores and cafes and so on in a uni student-y area. And after that we tried to make it to the Tokyo Modern Art Gallery, except we got sidetracked by another shrine and didn't get there in time.

And in the evening we met up with our friend Sasayu, who we met at a Sendai art opening a couple of weeks before. She took us to see a really amazing art show which included a lovely projection of multi-coloured buttons falling on the stairs.

Then it was a late, late dinner, and off to bed in anticipation of a big day tomorrow...

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linnykins said...

Hello! Wow. I love the photos, it brings back memories of my Japan trip a few years back. Enjoyed your update, too :)

(I'm Celia's friend, by the way...if you were wondering...)