Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tokyo adventure day four

D I S N E Y L A N D!
D I S N E Y L A N D!

Determined nothing would ruin our day in the land where dreams come true and magic lives, Gareth and I darted around Disneyland like little sprites, ignoring the queues and wintry weather. We were filled with glee and wearing furry mouse ears.

And what could make Disneyland any better? ... KURISUMASU! Nobody does Christmas decorations or cheer like Disneyland.

Making good use of the Fast Pass system, the longest we had to wait for a ride was 40-50min and that was for the Haunted Mansion -- Nightmare Before Christmas themed. The highlights of that particular ride were Jack Skelington and other puppets talking to us in Japanese, and an incredible ghost scene that used projections to create the most amazing 3D effect. I don't know how they did it but I am determined to figure it out.

The costumes in the Christmas parade were incredible. Look at the planes' wheel shoes!

Lemon-honey churros were delicious. We also tried honey, chocolate, and curry flavoured popcorn (that's three different flavours, not one)!

Wacky props-based fun in Toon Town.

The short but sweet Gadget's Go Coaster.

The legendary Splash Mountain -- we did this one twice!

An excited Gareth when we realised the Star Tours ride was actually all about Star Wars!

Spinning Teacups -- more fun than you think!

Two happy, exhausted mice. Ready to catch the night bus back to Sendai!


Gareth said...

What I loved most about Disneyland was how classic everything felt. All the rides had this feel of being virtually unchanged for decades (apart from the shoehorning of The Nightmare Before Christmas into the Haunted Mansion and Johnny Depp into Pirates of the Caribbean).

The Pinnochio ride was really simple and quaint, and they still have Roger Rabbit! I think it's basically that people love Disneyland so much that there's really no need to come up with flashy new rollercoasters or tie everything in with the latest Pixar whatever (there was some Pixar stuff about though).

Splash Mountain was the best, although Big Thunder Mountain was closed for maintenance so I can't compare... We got a great photo mid-splash of a happy me and a terrified Mirabel. It's a keeper.

Darlene Brown said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! This post makes me the happiest. I'm going to save going until I can go with someone else who appreciates it. I adore the teacup pics. And G - I've never seen you look so excited as you do in that Star Wars pic. :) :) :)

Puppets talking in Japanese, hahaha!!!

linnykins said...

FUN!! I could feel the enthusiasm just from reading this post :) :)

I loved the teacups, the log flume, the Wild West ride AND Space Mountain!!

Awesome photos!

ceerose said...

GREAT photos guys! i adore the teacup ones :)

will miss you guys at xmas :(

ceerose said...

i have it on good word there is a brand of shaving foam in Japan called "cow". i would be happy if you could find this and snap a pic :O