Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tokyo adventure: day one

Last weekend we went back to Tokyo for the first time since our whirlwind arrival. The occasion was to meet up with our pals Caroline, who was visiting from New Zealand, and Josephine, who has been on the JET programme for a couple of years, and who lives in Nagoya. Also, of course, we wanted to explore some of the big city, do some shopping, see some sights, and go to Disneyland. But before all that...

First up, we met our friends (along with our tour guide, Tokyo resident Ellie, who is another from the Christchurch crew, although a new aquaintance for us) for sushi at the restaurant that (supposedly) inspired that bit in Kill Bill.

Sadly it was too full for us to sit in the open area that is famous from the movie, and we were instead seated upstairs in a somewhat less hectic/interesting dining area. Norah Jones was playing as background music, which was pretty whack, but the food was delicious.

Then we were off to a super cool club called Super Deluxe. They were supposed to be having a Lady Gaga night, with people dressing up as said pop diva, which we found intriguing, so we set off to find it.

Instead it turned out be... um, well, sort of a design presentation, with video and images by a group (?) of artists/directors. Not sure, really, but they did show some amazing pictures of cat sushi.

Then a bunch of them danced a quite impressive boyband-style routine. I don't know why.

And I discovered my first interesting beer since I came to Japan: Tokyo Ale. It's a malty brew which I can sum up in just a few words: yay, it's not a lager!

Oh, and actually there were quite a few women dressed as Lady Gaga.

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Darlene Brown said...

Oh mega sad I wasn't there!!! Another time :-)