Thursday, April 30, 2009

All Your Lullabies: 29th April

Icecream truck 1
The Bird - Peregrine
Sleeping States - Sleeping States, Or Who Has Been Rocking My Dreamboat
The Jam - English Rose
Lands & Peoples - Isabella
Mogwai - Tracy
Ryland Bouchard - Married to the Ground
David Karsten Daniels - That Knot Unties?
Halye Bonar - Ransom
Icecream truck 2
Dave Eggers - What The Water Feels Like To Fishes
Mythical Beast - Maria Sabina
The Blue Nile - Easter Parade
Tortoise - Four-Day Interval
Bob Dylan - Man In The Long Black Coat
Icecream truck 3

Photo by Alex Brown

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