Thursday, October 30, 2008


I discovered Box Of Clouds by Kim Laughton on a contemporary design website called Urbanatics. This is a wonderful example of intimate art engaging the viewer in a moment that extracts them from a noisy society. Laughton accomplishes this with her use of scale. The gadget is a converted photo viewer keyring and fits in the palm of your hand, insisting on exclusive use.

And its extra nice because the only way to see the clouds is to hold it up to a light.

The Klap - "Screenplay"

Directed by Mr Simon Stewart
Starring several of the Edgeware lasses

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two good things I saw today

Jacquelyn Greenbank "Cock Fight Night", showing at 64zero3

Hamish Palmer "If I was a River", showing at the Physics Room

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finnish Tuesday

I served a Swedish lady at work today and was reminded of everything that is super about Finland...

Tove Jansson, writer and illustrator of the enchanting "Moomin" series. You should read everything you can by this lady. "I only want to live in peace, plant potatoes and dream".

Lovely Jess from Pink Texta has just blogged about an incredible Finnish artist Tea Mäkipää,
She puts cameras on Reindeer and has pretend parties in submerged houses.
She also enjoys Midsummer with her family.

(On a related sojourn, Sam Eastern (not Finnish) also puts cameras on animals)

This is a photo of me pretending I am in Finland

I bet the light is beautiful there

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bjork's "Wanderlust"

This is the 2D version of Bjork's new 3D music video "Wanderlust", the 3D one is floating around on the Encyclopedia Pictura website, so if you have a handy pair of 3D glasses go squirrel around and find it.
My favourite part is at the beginning with the Yak creatures tongues and the great foghorn/bassoon sounds.
stereoscopic beauty

Fox Faces

Drawing by Dominique Mitchelson

Scary scary fox face by Larry Dunstan

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fleet Foxes

Claymation beards and spinning stars

Levi van Veluw

This is a series of self-portraits by Levi van Veluw called 'Landscapes'
On his website he covers his face in lots of other things too.. but these are my favourite

Mexican Paper-mache Masks

Sunday, October 12, 2008


sprout sea scoutlutra lutra
holt romp
call holler bawl bellow yelp whoop hoot clamor howl roar yawp crow
to contract into folds or wrinkles, as the brow
like a child dizzy on lemondade
dip it pop it turkey jacket
puddled knees
nap means velvet
something that follows or is drawn along behind
flotsam caisson pontoon
lets sail to the shore of the smallest inlet
to call from the top of our aerie minaret
in the slow blinking night past sweet supine whales
all the small beasts should wear bows in their tails
tickling the bellies of sweet supine whales
in the slow blinking night
lets sail to the shore
and climb to the top of our aerie minaret
where unfeigned and feathered
we'll crow all about
please look to the sky, for
all your stars are out
otter furbearing
sea thalassic briny spume ocean
when you are the moon
tweedle lilt troll canorous- melodious
parley: an informal conference between enemies under a truce, esp. to discuss terms, conditions of surrender, e
at least we have paris
sailing the gulf in maritime
swept up in a terrible tremor
ailing afflicted
fever fiery febrile pyrexial delirium frenzy temperature impetuosity
nurse cultivate foster nourish nurture raise rear tend
middle - central median mean
plucked from the
perceiving something you cannot imagine
- chagrin (humiliate shame) within wherein beacon barren basin bobbin bracken blazon deafen garden leaden pollen redden lion
phantasm illusion mirage will o the wisp
alluding parable parabolist
i'll keep you clean and mend your wax cradle

they're not pets susan

tiny tiny little people, minpins of the city.. its a dream

Cecilie Ellefsen

moustached paper owl

Friday, October 10, 2008

Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea

Swimming cities of Switchback Sea is a flotilla of seven vessels made from scrap wood and discarded materials. A crew of 40 will navigate these bold boats on a stretch of the Hudson River, stopping for musical and theatrical performances along the way. It is designed and organised by printmaker and installation artist Swoon, with a multitude of collaborators including a playwright, a band, and a circus composer.

The 3 week journey ends when the boats arrive at at their "home port" - Deitch Studios, Long Island New York - where there is a large scale exhibition of Swoon's wooden, paper constructions and prints.


ink dishwater perk cafe noir
mush buss apple polish puckish
dough flummery soft-soap obsequiousness applesauce brewbruisechewchoose
apple-lit in messy conversations
through pea-soup clouds
we shall see mars
tiny gazelle you smell like flowers
hightail hotfoot
inlet minim (the smallest) trifling momentary shoestring
bouquet of flushed pheasants
charm of hummingbirds/finches/goldfinches
kettle of hawks
lamentation of swans
ostentation of peacocks
mob of emus
ballet of swans
blessing of unicorns
cloud of bats/plankton
a doom of dragons
kindle of kittens
squeezing hands
east of the serpent
filled with thalassic strength
we throw ourselves onto the spumey shore
beard delta plains
biscuit fawn mushroom cinnamon sprinkle tawny
lucid cove unfeigned vanilla
trip cut a rug
they sound like little whistles
lilies lakes and mountains
told in the twilight
mirror friends
ahoy all hands
A growth of salt crystals on a surface caused by evaporation of salt-laden water.
like a foal at its tether
the boat
with garrulous bravado
through the shoal to the shore
tintinnabulation - tinkling sound
down smoothness cloud weft blanket
in the garden under a cloud weft blanket the naif closed her eyes.
aerie den cathedral lull
my fat little sea urchin
bidding beam
to spread or shake out from a furled sleep
nibbling bark off trees when no one is watching
and across the loud hills the boobook bellow
celestial navigation
below oh trousseau
impetuous WhimlingWhim"ling\, n. [Whim + -ling.] One given to whims; hence, a weak, childish person; a child.Go, whimling, and fetch two or three grating loaves. --Beau. & Fl.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Audrey Baldwin

This is my dear friend with soap in her eyes, ears, nose and mouth. She makes hairbrushes out of her own hair, takes chocolate moulds of her face, then hands them out to her friends for eating, and looks like an elizabethan princess.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Buildings of Whimsy

After the basket building I had a wee look around at some other buildings of whimsy and discovered that there was a folly building boom in the 20's and 30's. The best boom of them all.

The Big Duck,1931

Teapot Dome Service Station, 1922

Benewah Milk Bottle, 1935

One day I will live in one of these


and this is when I made a cat face out of a paper bag

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Longaberger Basket Building

The Longaberger family eventually grew to include 12 children - six boys and six girls. Bonnie worked full time at the woolen mill to help make ends meet and the older children helped their father by making basket bottoms, carefully arranging the upsplints for pottery Ware Baskets and even selling baskets to the neighbors.

I wish they made giant sandwiches inside

"If they can put a man on the moon, they can certainly build a building that's shaped like a basket." - Dave Longaberger, Founder