Friday, October 10, 2008


ink dishwater perk cafe noir
mush buss apple polish puckish
dough flummery soft-soap obsequiousness applesauce brewbruisechewchoose
apple-lit in messy conversations
through pea-soup clouds
we shall see mars
tiny gazelle you smell like flowers
hightail hotfoot
inlet minim (the smallest) trifling momentary shoestring
bouquet of flushed pheasants
charm of hummingbirds/finches/goldfinches
kettle of hawks
lamentation of swans
ostentation of peacocks
mob of emus
ballet of swans
blessing of unicorns
cloud of bats/plankton
a doom of dragons
kindle of kittens
squeezing hands
east of the serpent
filled with thalassic strength
we throw ourselves onto the spumey shore
beard delta plains
biscuit fawn mushroom cinnamon sprinkle tawny
lucid cove unfeigned vanilla
trip cut a rug
they sound like little whistles
lilies lakes and mountains
told in the twilight
mirror friends
ahoy all hands
A growth of salt crystals on a surface caused by evaporation of salt-laden water.
like a foal at its tether
the boat
with garrulous bravado
through the shoal to the shore
tintinnabulation - tinkling sound
down smoothness cloud weft blanket
in the garden under a cloud weft blanket the naif closed her eyes.
aerie den cathedral lull
my fat little sea urchin
bidding beam
to spread or shake out from a furled sleep
nibbling bark off trees when no one is watching
and across the loud hills the boobook bellow
celestial navigation
below oh trousseau
impetuous WhimlingWhim"ling\, n. [Whim + -ling.] One given to whims; hence, a weak, childish person; a child.Go, whimling, and fetch two or three grating loaves. --Beau. & Fl.

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