Monday, October 29, 2012


This is Frankie sitting in front of our clematis.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I want to dye her with beetroot juice and recreate this:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh my, so many things.

Well well well, I have some things to share.
The last month has been busy. Ridiculously so, but full of the most wonderful things. I have travelled to Auckland and Wellington, had an exhibition and gone all swoony at the knees in Christchurch...

One day Gareth and I were driving on the Port Hills as I was feeling all caught up, and wanted some wind in my ears. There we spied a jolly hill bathed in sunlight with a little cloud sitting on its peak.

What fun to sit in a cloud! So up we trambled, right to the top

We took deep breaths of cloud, we threw our arms around in the cloud, and then Gareth asked me to marry him. Hurrah! What fun!

Surprisingly, these two photos were taken before the romance began, just imagine how jubilant we looked afterwards.

So yes, we are going to have a wedding. A real one with lots of fun.