Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weird fuds

Here are some weird foods that I bought from the supermarket one day.

This here is a pizza-flavoured instant noodle box -- with mayonaise. It had tiny little instant meatballs in it (just add water!) and did actually taste fairly pizza-ish. Mayo is a typical pizza topping here, so that explains that, but I did feel slightly queasy because of it, I think. 6/10.

Next are some good old corn snacks. These ones are flavoured like Japanese fast food favourite takoyaki, ie. octopus batter balls. I actually like takoyaki a lot, so these were pretty tasty. 7/10.

Next on the list is one for the Metal Gear Solid fans: Calorie Mate! Yes, in Japan you too can dine on the special ration of choice of tactical espionage action hero Solid Snake!

The verdict: extremely dry shortbread consistency and general fruit taste. 7/10. Snaaaaaaaake!

And to wash it down, Calpis. But not just any Calpis; The Premium Calpis. I like Calpis Soda best -- it's kind of like creaming soda -- so I was intrigued when I spotted the premium version. Premium Calpis, however, is thick and milky and tastes a bit like sharpish yoghurt.

Kinda gross. 2/10.

Bonus vending machine entry! Hotcake drink! Actually tasted like caramel milk; not as gross as the buttery image on the can would suggest. 5/10.