Saturday, June 12, 2010

birthday blog

Last saturday was my birthday and it was lovely!

It went something like this:

Gareth indulged my every whim with a new set of paints, flowers and cupcakes. He used two recipes from the wonderful website Ming Makes Cupcakes - #33 and #27. We strongly advise baking and eating these.

The lovely crafternoon ladies came round for crafting and champagne.
Then for dinner we filled a local Italian restaurant owned by a swing dancer and her artist husband "Brian".

And no Japanese party would be complete without some karaoke. Here is Gareth being a charming man.

Thanks for all the sweet presents and birthday wishes sent from the lovely folk in NZ.
It made me feel not so far from home!


Axioplase said...

Talking about swing...
Let's try to build a bigger community of swing dancers in Sendai (if you are still here).

Gareth said...

Oh! Who is that?