Saturday, May 29, 2010

Korea, part 2: Busan, Busan

A hazy view on the coast of Busan. On our first day in the South-Eastern city we went on another hike, this time around a pretty little coastal track.

We hula hooped in this sweet little outdoor gym place. It was full of old people in tracksuits using those weird swinging leg walky machines. Also hula hoops though.

And around the rocky beach area we stacked rocks and looked at real dinosaur footprints. But gosh, we didn't actually take a picture of the prints, as they just looked like kind of circular dimples in the rock. Not all that impressive really. Sorry.

We saw this really great musical collaboration between the above Korean singer, Itta, and a couple of guys, one Japanese and one Chinese. The Chinese guy was doing throat-singing and beatboxing, while Itta wailed and made noises and the other guy programmed beats and things. It was something that we hadn't really seen anything like in a long while.

Later we went out with some of those guys we met way back in Seoul (they told us about the gig). We eventually went to a nice little bar, but on the way we were led into one of those awful "foreigner bars", full of boneheads singing Journey and Bon Jovi, totally bro-ing out and wearing backwards baseball caps and high-fiving each other.

It was terrible.

The next day we checked out Beomeosa, a rather picturesque Buddhist temple in a beautiful foresty, mountainous area. It was really lovely, and all decked out for the big man's 2500-ish-th birthday (can't find his actual age on google).

These Buddhist statues have very intense, staring eyes. I like them though.

Later that day we checked out the beachfront at night. There was a big outdoor art show on, including these amazing BOLD LETTERS projected onto the sand.

Then we saw some guys taking mid-jump shots and we decided to copy them.

The guys we copied saw us doing this so we did a big group shot. We couldn't get everyone jumping at the same time though.

Rad. Next we went back to Seoul for more capital city action and excellent punning.


Darlene Brown said...

So many lols here!!! Love the boneheads with the backwards caps - perfect shot.

있다 Itta said...

Hello, this is itta. I found this post out by accident.
Thanks for sweet words about the concert and picture of me.
hope to meet you again, somewhere / someday. ^-^/

Mirabel said...

Hi Itta! Thanks for the comment.
Your concert was amazing and we had such a good time. If you ever come to New Zealand send me a message!