Thursday, June 11, 2009


Watched an incredible film the other night called "Hellzapoppin" (1941) which included an incredible Lindy Hop performance, all rough and tumble like which was why I got it out....

but the rest of the film!! - boy howdy it was a riot! watch it watch it! You will be rolling around laughing holding your bellies!


francesrosey said...

I always wanted to learn to do the Lindy Hop properly. I did swing dancing classes for about 4 months, it was probably the most fun exercise I've ever had in my life.

The dance for beginners is the course that teach swing dancing and its $35 for a semester.

mirabel said...

Its amazing fun isn't it! Gareth and I dance with the Hepcat Swing group and are even doing private lessons at the moment. I am sore all over from our practice yesterday. You should come along to the Yellowcross on Wednesday nights from 9.30!