Monday, December 8, 2008



* create a snow globe.


* Baby food jar with a lid
* Pinch of craft glitter
* Small plastic ornament or cake decoration (a snowperson, a sleigh, or some other wintry thing)
* Some silicon glue
* Water


1. Carefully glue the ornament to the lid of the baby food jar.

2. Allow it to dry.

3. Fill the jar with water and add the pinch of glitter.

4. Run a bit of the silicon glue around the inside of the lid so that when it is screwed on, it will form a waterproof seal.

5. Store the snow globe with the lid up overnight.

6. The next day, turn the snow globe over and shake it.

While researching Snow Globes I found a series of photos from Washington National Zoo. They have some pretty Christmas lights ..

And apparently this is a photo of snowflakes projected onto a waterfall, which sounds nice doesn't it.

But then there is this...

A 10ft tall snow globe featuring a person in a panda suit. It worries me so.

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